ZERE Vision:

To be an industry leader in bringing novel innovations to the renewable energy and biofuels markets.

ZERE Mission:

To deliver profitable zero-emission energy and biofuels from green waste, while reducing landfills, saving disposal costs, boosting ethanol production, and providing excess electricity to the grid.


ZERE Energy and Biofuels, Inc. formerly Clean EnGen Group, LLC, was formed in 2008. ZERE filed a patent for its core technology in 2009 and an additional patent in 2010. ZERE’s founders include the Chief Technology Officer with 30+ years experience in the energy field managing all sides of the power generation business including gas turbine, natural gas, and alternative energy, prior to ZERE’s solid fuel chemical looping innovation to generate energy. The balance of the ZERE team consists of the CEO with 20+ years of operational experience bringing products to market in the high tech industry with the last several years leading early stage clean technology companies, plus the Chief Engineering Officer having 15+ years of engineering and project management experience in energy and gas turbine businesses. The ZERE management team has come together from multiple industries and successful start up ventures to bring novel environmentally conscious energy and biofuels to market. Their combined experience in power generation, engineering, and operations gives ZERE a unique advantage in bringing their biomass conversion technologies to market.