Clean Efficient Power Generation

Zero Emissions

ZERE delivers custom biomass-to-energy solutions with zero emissions. Waste CO2 is captured, liquefied, and sold to industries that use CO2, such as bottlers. CO2 can also be sequestered.

ZERE Moves to Prospect Silicon Valley

ZERE staff will be attending the grand opening of the new Prospect SV facility in San Jose on May 30, 2014.  Prospect will be ZERE’s test and demonstration site.  Prospect SV’s $12 Million, 22,000 sq. ft. Commercialization Center is equipped to provide companies the basic resources to accelerate path to market for their technology. Through collaboration with its sponsors,...

Recycle Biomass

ZERE recycles biomass waste that would be disposed in landfills – woody waste, forest residues, and agricultural residues. In California, there are over 31 million bone dry tons per year of available biomass waste – a 40,000 gigawatt per year of fuel potential!

Reduce Landfill

ZERE combined heat and/or power generation is revolutionary in energy production. While solar, wind, and water-powered solutions also provide clean energy; only ZERE biomass reclamation reduces the problem of storing day-to-day organic waste.

ZERE Receives a Grant of nearly $1M from the CEC

ZERE’s receives funding for a prototype of their fuel flexible zero emission distributed generation technology

San Francisco, CA (May 29, 2012) – ZERE Energy and Biofuels, Inc. (ZERE) has been awarded nearly 1 million dollars from the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) to demonstrate a fuel flexible combined heat and power...

Reduce Operating Costs

Using biomass waste as fuel, the ZERE plant generates on-site heat and/or power for waste aggregators, eliminating their need to purchase energy to run operations. ZERE creates a cheap stable energy source for heat and power, reduces waste, eliminates dumping costs, and produces no emissions.

Selling captured CO2 to drink bottlers increases ZERE’s net revenue.

Global Benefits

ZERE plants contribute positively to the global environment by 1) producing a new type of renewable energy using a small footprint, 2) NOT producing the greenhouse gas emissions of traditional biomass plants, 3) reducing biomass waste by efficiently converting organic waste into energy, and 4) reducing industrial carbon footprint.

Produce Energy

ZERE technology produces heat and/or electric distributed power without emissions. The ZERE plant oxidizes biomass fuel with a solid-state oxygen carrier, yielding steam to drive a turbine for power generation.

ZERE’s biomass waste-to-energy plants operate around the clock, using only 1% of the space required by solar or wind for the same power produced.