Market Potential

ZERE converts biomass waste – landfill woody waste, forest residues, and agricultural residues, into renewable energy without emissions. ZERE’s target market is 1-10 MW industrial energy users in states with electricity costs of greater than 9 cents per kWh, e.g. California, Nevada, the Northeast, and parts of the Southeast. In 2008, U.S. industrial consumption of electricity in these states already totaled $13B. This market has a 4.5 GW potential.

The green waste available within the U.S. far exceeds the needs of our market so fuel will not be a limiting factor. In our initial market of California, there are over 31 million bone dry tons per year of available biomass waste. ZERE’s highly efficient solution requires only 5,000 tons per year per megawatt of power produced.

ZERE partners with, and targets waste aggregators with biomass waste. The aggregators provide the biomass fuel and the plant site, in exchange for ZERE power and/or heat. ZERE uses up biomass waste on-site, so there are no costs for transporting biomass! Excess power would be sold to the local grid, as a distributed energy source, much needed to supplement electricity on hot and cold days in urban communities powered by central grids, and in rural communities at all times.

Competitive Advantage

ZERE biomass-fueled renewable energy plants have a competitive advantage because they can operate all day and night, as compared with solar PV having only 28% up time to deliver power to the customer, and wind power’s 40% up time. ZERE plants use only 1% of the space required by solar or wind for the same power produced. We are more capital efficient than other renewables with guaranteed zero emissions.

In addition, ZERE uses up waste that would otherwise go to overflowing landfills, saving our customers millions of dollars annually.


The ZERE key customers are biomass waste aggregators requiring power and/or heat for their facilities. ZERE saves our customers the cost of disposing waste in landfills, while we lead California’s mandate for 50% reduction in green waste to landfills.

Our secondary customers are consumers like you – who inherently take advantage of ZERE distributed power, close to where it is generated.