ZERE Selected to Present at Cleantech Forum San Francisco Entrepeneur Showcase

ZERE’s patent pending technology for Zero Emission Production of Advanced Biofuels, Power, and Heat to be Showcased during the most important Cleantech industry event of 2011

SAN BRUNO, CA / SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 2, 2011) ZERE Energy and Biofuels, Inc. has been selected to present its technology for Zero Emissions Renewable Energy and Biofuels and to discuss future plans for its proprietary biomass waste-to-renewable systems at Cleantech Forum San Francisco.  The Entrepreneur Showcase sessions will feature 20 of the cleantech industry’s most exciting startups, competitively selected from a large pool of applicants. Each company will receive ten minutes on stage to pitch its investment opportunity.  The event will be held March 14-16 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco.

The ZERE plant oxidizes cellulosic biomass with a solid-state oxygen carrier in a fluidized bed reactor, yielding steam to drive a turbine for power/heat generation and alternatively, syngas suitable for biofuels. Waste CO2 is inherently captured, liquefied, and sold as an additional revenue stream.

“We are honored to be selected to present ZERE’s biomass waste-to-renewable energy and biofuel technology at the Cleantech Forum San Francisco,” said Laura Draxler, CEO, ZERE Energy and Biofuels. “This is an acknowledgement of our technology and the value it represents for biorefinery integration and to potential customers with high electricity rates greater than 12 cents per kWh, such as those in California, Nevada, and the Northeast. We look forward to presenting our business to the clean technology community.”

About ZERE Energy and Biofuels, Inc.

ZERE Energy and Biofuels, Inc. (Zero Emissions Renewable Energy) formerly Clean EnGen Group, LLC, is a privately held business and was formed in 2008.  ZERE’s mission is to deliver profitable zero-emission energy and biofuels from green waste and to provide distributed scale electricity to the grid. ZERE has demonstrated its technology at Stanford and filed a patent for its core technology in 2009 and two additional provisional patents in 2010. ZERE was a Cleantech Open 2009 semi-finalist and awarded runner up in the renewable energy category.

About Cleantech Forum San Francisco

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